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We are a busy musician's consignment shop so our used inventory changes frequently. These are partial listings - if you are looking for something specific, please give us a call. We keep a list of people looking for specific items and will notify you if something comes in.

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Newest Arrivals

  • Larivee D-03R (110127A)
  • '03 Stelling Sunflower Banjo w/Tony Pass rim (160308A)
  • '95 Gibson Super 400 (140128B)
  • '64 Gretsch Country Gentleman (140128B)
  • Martin JC16RGTE w/Aura pu system (030211A)
  • Circle Strings A2 Orchestral model acoustic (150701A)
  • June Custom "A" mandolin w/pickup (020101)
  • '79 Gretsch Super Axe (140128B)
  • '78 Fender Jazz Bass - blonde (150508A)
  • Groove Tube Soul O 75 combo (020101)
  • THD Univalve Tube head (021012A)
  • Bedrock 1400 410 combo (120203A)
  • Musicman 410-65 combo (160720A)
  • Roland JC120 combo amp (160105B)
  • Ampeg B-15N, early 70's (151027A)
  • Fender EVH 5150III head + cab (030228B)
  • Marshall JTM 60 - 112 amp, built in UK (150916A)
  • Vox AC30CC2 combo amp (060802A)